The Seabed's Crying

Various Artists

Groove side

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The earth’s animal reign was born in the ocean depths. At an age where our planet's surface was too extreme to welcome any form of life, massive volumes of water allowed the first know lifeforms to arise. This sacred birthplace is a wonderful diverse world, that welcomes creatures from all sizes and shapes. Its immensity can inspire humility, wonder, and sometimes terror. Imagine being suspended in this massive space, surrounded by unknown species letting you know their presence by the singular sounds they produce. Despite its inability to survive in these conditions, our species is destroying this world and its diversity. Using their music as their language, some artists painted a tribute to the threatened diversity of this underwater universe. May you feel its immensity and vulnerability by exploring these pieces of experience.

Track list

Hauru & Mycelliohm
Octopus' Dream
Deeper Exploring
Fleeting Dive
Bottom Slat
Vicious Cactus
Kunchy Froggy
Slip Hypnotic
Digital Tribal
Abyssal Groove
Captain Pastek
Ptite Bouffe Dans Le Nautilus
Zulu King
La Raie Manta
Submarine Explosion