Papang Feather

Various Artists

Mystic zone

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The second ChronoZone Records VA is here. After the exploration of the submarine world that proposed Seabed's Crying, le’ts now fly over the Indian Ocean ankered land. the Reunion Island. In the 17th century lived a man called Anchaing, a “brown” slave that was suffering of his condition on a daily basis. Every day was alike and Anchaing was dreaming of freedom, and was in love with Héva, her too aspiring to be free. One day Anchaing and Héva defied the colonial empire by both fleeing towards the Salazie circus mountains. The colonial empire would not let this affront unpunished, and sent a hunter to find the fleeing couple. Anchaing and Héva were living a peaceful and simple life, protected by several million years walls, but Salazie didn’t prevent their destiny from finding them. On this day, the hunter’s gun was pointing at Anchaing, so he decided to fool him towards a volcano’s peak where he used to admire its country’s beauty. Once he reached the culminating point, Anchaing jumped from the heights to go for liberty. The legend says that he changed into the Papang, called “The Legends Bird”, leaving behind its chains and a feather. Papang Feather tells the stories extracted from the Reunion’s folklore et traduces into a Groovy and Forest compilation, gathering multiple artists that have been diving into this mysticism to make you live a musical journey above the legend’s land.

Track list

Primary Lab & Champirolls
Rise Of The Rapacious Humanoid Disco Machines
Primary Lab & Synodic Period
Mission Bulbul
Piton's Peak
Shaving Sharks
Zamal Jungle
Zamalgamme & Sneaky Monkey
Circus Maillardi
Jungle Atlantide